online pizza dough calculator


This application was created for all pizza enthusiasts, either beginners or advanced pizza makers. Its goal is to help prepare a desired amount of pizza dough preserving its parameters with ability to change ingredients proportions.

Technological advantage is that you can run this application on any HTML supported device like PC, tablet or smartphone, so it is very handy while working in your kitchen.

I have created a pizza calculator only for private use, but soon friends asked about my pizza recipes, so I have decided to publish the app on the internet. Adding some few helpful features in nearest future will increase its functionality, so it will no longer be a simple calculator.


I am a UX designer, web programmer and of course pizza lover. From some time i try to increase my pizza quality by exploring the internet resources and experimenting in my kitchen.

I hope you will find my application useful. For any support please contact me.


Version 3.4 22.10.2015

  • Added new share buttons on left side (Desktop) and on bottom (mobile).
  • Changing pizza diameter in simple mode did not always work.

Version 3.2 08.01.2015

Some improvements added:
  • Last used dough parameters are now remembered in a cookie for 90 days. Each time you make a pizza you can check previous recipe and you do not have to care about closing your browser to remember it.
  • There is a possibility to reset to defaults after the dough parameters were modified (in advanced mode).
  • All number fields have a step parameter - activated when user is increasing/decreasing values using fields arrows (desktop browsers support required).

Version 3.1 07.10.2014

  • Added hints to the dough parameters form
  • Facebook profile and like/share buttons

Version 3.0 19.09.2014

  • Translate into english
  • New address (seperate internet domain)
  • Added WAI-ARIA HTML elements
  • Added main title image
  • Fixed ingredients icons
  • Handling decimal fractions for input values
  • Code cleanup

Version 2.2 08-09-2014

  • Fixed bug with olive parameter showing in simple mode
  • Added dough dividing tip (testing)

Version 2.1 04-01-2014

  • Added doughball weight in pizza diameter dropdown menu

Version 2.0 22-07-2014

  • Added pizza style option
  • Added simple and advanced mode
  • Added favicon

Version 1.0 12-07-2014

  • Simple pizza dough calculator with only 2 options for neapolitan style pizza
  • Showing pizza ingredients in grid with icons
  • RWD ready for use in smartphones