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  1. Version 4.03 06.03.2021

    • Fixed form validation when using edge values (e.g 1000 doughballs)
    • Fixed a bug related to how room temperature impacts dough hydration
    • Fixed notification bar overlaying the main navigation in mobile
  2. Version 4.0 22.01.2021

    • New user interface

      Easy and fast calculation on every device, tuned to give a native mobile app experience.

    • More pizza styles

      Select from 7 most popular styles with predefined calculations for dough hydration and ingredients.

    • Updated form options

      Select yeast type - fresh, dry and active. Choose most popular flour brands to calculate optimal hydration level. Set leaveling temperature to affect on yeast amount and hydration level. Include dough residue compensation factor.

    • Calculate doughball weight

      Calculate doughball weight by pizza size (round and rectangular) combined with pizza thinckness (thin, regular, thick).

    • Metric/imperial system

      Set a desired weight (grams or ounces), size (inches or centimeters) and temperature measeure system for your calculations.

    • Recipe sharing

      Share calculated recipe to other applications on you mobile device - Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Whatsup, email and other. You can even embedd a recipe on your webpage.

    • Save and load a recipe

      Save your recipe for later use. At this time there is only one slot available for your recipes.

    • Use different flour brands

      Choose most popular flour brands to calculate optimal hydration level.

    and many more small improvements!
  3. Version 3.4 22.10.2015

    • Added new share buttons on left side (Desktop) and on bottom (mobile)
    • Changing pizza diameter in simple mode did not always work
  4. Version 3.2 08.01.2015

    • Last used dough parameters are now remembered in a cookie for 90 days. Each time you make a pizza you can check previous recipe and you do not have to care about closing your browser to remember it.
    • There is a possibility to reset to defaults after the dough parameters were modified (in advanced mode).
    • All number fields have a step parameter - activated when user is increasing/decreasing values using fields arrows (desktop browsers support required).
  5. Version 3.1 07.10.2014

    • Added hints to the dough parameters form,
    • Facebook profile and like/share buttons.
  6. Version 3.0 19.09.2014

    • Translate into english,
    • New address (seperate internet domain),
    • Added WAI-ARIA HTML elements,
    • Added main title image,
    • Fixed ingredients icons,
    • Handling decimal fractions for input values,
    • Code cleanup.
  7. Version 2.2 08-09-2014

    • Fixed bug with olive parameter showing in simple mode,
    • Added dough dividing tip (testing).
  8. Version 2.1 04-01-2014

    Added doughball weight in pizza diameter dropdown menu.
  9. Version 2.0 22-07-2014

    • Added pizza style option,
    • Added simple and advanced mode,
    • Added favicon.
  10. Version 1.0 12-07-2014

    • Simple pizza dough calculator with only 2 options for neapolitan style pizza,
    • Showing pizza ingredients in grid with icons,
    • RWD ready for use in smartphones.